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LUX out now and concert announced!!

LUX out now and concert announced!!

New Ole Højer Hansen album LUX out now!!!! Ole wil perform this album live at a concert at venue "Krudttønden", Copenhagen  february 29th 2020. Link to Concert Listen here AppleMusic Spotify Telmoremusik

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ADDICTED ANGELS debut-album out November 5th. 2019

ADDICTED ANGELS debut-album out November 5th. 2019

ADDICTED ANGELS feat. Pako Soull Kool and Ole Højer Hansen is out now!!! The new album from the new international duo: Addicted Angels is released today on Dubtrack Music - and available on all streaming services worldwide! After many years of collaboration we finally...

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New Ole Højer Hansen album “LUX” out January 10 2020

New Ole Højer Hansen album “LUX” out January 10 2020

Hi folks! My new album "LUX" is out worldwide January 2020! “LUX” is the 15th. Album from danish synth pioneer, producer and composer Ole Højer Hansen. Ole has, besides his solo works, composed for more than 150 film, ballets and theatre plays during the years....

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All about Ole Højer Hansen’s “Fields of Noise”

All about Ole Højer Hansen’s “Fields of Noise”

"Fields of Noise #1" : Applemusic Spotify "Fields of Noise #2": AppleMusic Spotify “Fields of Noise #3”: Applemusic Spotify Fields of Noise “Fields of Noise” is a new series of ambient albums from danish synth-pioneer Ole Højer Hansen. The idea of “Fields of Noise” is...

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handmade electronic music and visuals

I started Electric Enemy back in 2010, mainly to have an playground for my electronic compositions and live-visuals.
After 5 years with the “enemy” name. I felt that it was time for change!
I know that changing an artist name is a kind of starting over. But I trust my fans. I believe that my decision is understandable.
I don’t want to be anyones enemy! …and suddenly I had a feeling that my artistname could be misinterpreted and send wrong signals.
So thats why!

My story with electronic music started around 1978 where i did some scores for experimental short movies and modern dance performances with my Arp 2600 and Korg Ms 20 recorded on an analog Fostex 4 track. Later upgraded to a Tascam 38 [8 tracks on 1/2″ tape].

My first soloalbum “Transmission” was released – on vinyl – in 1985.
And now – 16 albums and 150 productions (film, theatre, modern dance etc. ) later – my musiclife is still in process:)
transmission cover

Electric Enemy releases:
“Close to You” 2010  –  “Rue de la Republique” 2011 –  “Zero Point Energy” 2014  –
“Haunted House Attractions” (live in Copenhagen) 2014

Coming Electribute release “Time for Change” [Live at Krudttønden. Copenhagen] available online in the beginning of 2016

Electribute is signed to Dubtrack Music

electribute / electric enemy discography

All my music is available on online-shops and streaming services worldwide.
Click on images to buy:)

Haunted House Attractions

Haunted House Attractions

Electric Enemy album
Haunted House Attractions [Electric Enemy live in Copenhagen]
Released 2014 on Dubtrack Music

AppleMusic [click here]

Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy

Electric Enemy album Zero Point Energy
Released 2014 on Dubtrack Music

AppleMusic [click here]

Rue de la République

2.nd Electric Enemy album Rue de la République
Released 2011 on Dubtrack Music

AppleMusic [click here]

Close to You

Close to You

Close To You was first album from Electric Enemy
Released 2010 on Dubtrack Music

Applemusic [click here]

electribute [electric enemy] on soundcloud

Most of my music is available on Soundcloud.
But in case of special requests please send me a
message either here or on facebook

click on the video to play:)

Click to show more videos


Rahbeks Alle
1749 Copenhagen V

Contact me for info & booking

14 + 4 =

Ole Højer Hansen solo-albums & soundtracks


Album releases

Solo Albums:
“TRANSMISSION” (Sam-Records, Denmark 1985)transmission cover
“NUDITY” (Ultima Thule, England 1989)
“THE DOME” (Olga Music, Denmark 1990)The-Dome---Cover




With “Electric Enemy” [ELECTRIBUTE]:
“CLOSE TO YOU” Dubtrack Music 2010
“RUE DE LA REPUBLIQUE” Dubtrack Music 2011
“ZERO POINT ENERGY” Dubtrack Music 2014
“HAUNTED HOUSE ATTRACTIONS” [live album] Dubtrack Music 2014

With “Trusted Enemy”:Trusted-E---sleeping-cell_small
“BRILLIANT SKY” Dubtrack Music 2008
“SLEEPING CELL” [EP] Dubtrack Music 2010



With “RO“:RO-cover_NU
“Nu” Dubtrack Music 2012



“Sally VALLEY” (Corona Dance Theatre, 1997)
“KILLER JOE” (Theatre Svalegangen, 1999)
“Een gang Hansen” (Theatre Sorte Hest 2000)
“Peer’s Lille Verden” (Nørregaard & Reiches theater 2001)
“THE ALCHEMIST” (Dubtrack Music 2011)

Meditation: [with Tove & Steen Kofoed]
“Trylleblomst”; A fantasy journey for children.
“Ind til Dig”
“Døren i træet”
“7 Enkle Veje”

I have also participated in the trilogy:
“Escape From The Cave” On the album “Images of infinity” with the composition
“MOON TRUCK”(Ultima Thule, England 1993).


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13. January 2016

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