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“3 sisters” – concert theatre

We are currently in the last rehearsing-phase of the coming music-performance “3 Sisters” at Nørregaards Teater Odense, DK. The play will premiere at Wednesday 14/9 at 19.00 The play is based on the novel “3 Sisters” by Anton Chekov and...

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20 Years of Nattefrost

These days Nattefrost releases his 20 years anniversary album: “20 Years of Nattefrost” on Sireena Records. The album is; 20 Nattefrost tracks interpreted by 20 european artists and bands. Purchase the album...

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Happy New Year!!

Electribute wishes all of you a Happy New Year!! Live is sweet and hopefully 2016 will bring you all a lot of love and good times:) I’m working hard on a new album for 2016. Still to early to set a date. Though! Just after New Years Eve I’ll release a...

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handmade electronic music and visuals

I started Electric Enemy back in 2010, mainly to have an playground for my electronic compositions and live-visuals.
After 5 years with the “enemy” name. I felt that it was time for change!
I know that changing an artist name is a kind of starting over. But I trust my fans. I believe that my decision is understandable.
I don’t want to be anyones enemy! …and suddenly I had a feeling that my artistname could be misinterpreted and send wrong signals.
So thats why!

My story with electronic music started around 1978 where i did some scores for experimental short movies and modern dance performances with my Arp 2600 and Korg Ms 20 recorded on an analog Fostex 4 track. Later upgraded to a Tascam 38 [8 tracks on 1/2″ tape].

My first soloalbum “Transmission” was released – on vinyl – in 1985.
And now – 16 albums and 150 productions (film, theatre, modern dance etc. ) later – my musiclife is still in process:)
transmission cover

Electric Enemy releases:
“Close to You” 2010  –  “Rue de la Republique” 2011 –  “Zero Point Energy” 2014  –
“Haunted House Attractions” (live in Copenhagen) 2014

Coming Electribute release “Time for Change” [Live at Krudttønden. Copenhagen] available online in the beginning of 2016

Electribute is signed to Dubtrack Music

electribute / electric enemy discography

All my music is available on online-shops and streaming services worldwide.
Click on images to buy:)

Haunted House Attractions

Haunted House Attractions

Electric Enemy album
Haunted House Attractions [Electric Enemy live in Copenhagen] Released 2014 on Dubtrack Music

AppleMusic [click here]

Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy

Electric Enemy album Zero Point Energy
Released 2014 on Dubtrack Music

AppleMusic [click here]

Rue de la République

2.nd Electric Enemy album Rue de la République
Released 2011 on Dubtrack Music

AppleMusic [click here]

Close to You

Close to You

Close To You was first album from Electric Enemy
Released 2010 on Dubtrack Music

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electribute [electric enemy] on soundcloud

Most of my music is available on Soundcloud.
But in case of special requests please
send me a message either here or on facebook

click on the video to play:)

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Rahbeks Alle
1749 Copenhagen V

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